Angel Numbers: why they aren't working for you.

This may be a little controversial. Please read at your own discretion.

Numerology is REAL SHIT. In no way do I mean to discredit the work and ancient practice of numerology, and even moreso, I do not intend to disprove the resonance of Angel Numbers to you and your life their personal meaning.

All I mean to say, is that I don't personally relate in the way that many others do.

Don't get me wrong; I LOVE Angel Numbers. I have just always felt a little differently about it all... it may be unconventional but it resonates with me.

I tend to take very little notice of what numbers themselves 'mean' in the spiritual/superstitious realm and how they 'should' relate to me and my life.

I don't like taking on board things and concepts that already have a predetermined meaning.

I live so fully, vibrantly, and wholly through my intuition, that I don't feel that it serves me to rely on a pre-defined set of meanings and reasons for feeling certain things. It tends to cloud my vision and I sometimes lose clarity within my conscience.

In all honesty, I bounce off numbers by how they FEEL to me. What they mean to me energetically. What I naturally associate with them, or what they are saying to me right now. For example, the number 3 may carry a particular meaning, for centuries, and oftentimes people read or research about this meaning and think this is how they now need to feel/think/associate about that particular number. Eg. if the number 3 relates to "money" in the ancient teachings, when they see an abundance of 3s, they take it to mean money is on the way or an improvement in their financial life.


That's like, REALLY fucking cool!

But my question is...


Why are we under the belief that a certain number surely MUST mean the SAME thing/symbol/sign for EVERY person?

Where did this idea come from and why are we so quick to take it in our stride, as absolute, unwavering law...

I often feel that we need to step back into the belief that things/signs/symbols/experiences in our lives only contain the meaning that we assign to them, subconsciously or otherwise.

As such complex and intrinsic beings, who feed off the exchange of energy back and forward between us and the world around us, daily, moment, second-to-second, it is only (in my opinion) absolute TRUTH that signs and symbols in our lives are unique to US individually, and us alone. Not to the ENTIRE collective.

So my long-winded point... YOU get to choose what the numbers mean. Subconsciously. Energetically. Intuitively. Perhaps NOT from a text or an ancient practice that tells you what to feel and associate.

My advice...

Dig deep around how you feel about certain numbers. And by this, I actually mean, take a step back. Step back and allow the time/space/room for your intuitive self to step in with some answers. When you see an abundance of numbers, example 1, 3, 4 (ones I've been seeing lately), do you tend to feel a sense of surety? Certainty? Safety? Excitement/whimsy/wonder/mystery? Define what it might be for you and always keep this definition flexible, over time. Try not to let the logical brain take over and decide what they "should" mean... always leave space for the spiritual realm to step in and work the magic it is designed to work and guide you forward intuitively. This way the signs and symbols in our daily lives have the chance to speak to us more loudly, clearly, and authentically... just as they were designed and destined to.

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