Are you truly living the life you want to live?

It's time to get crystal clear on your goals, and harness your vision of your 'unicorn' self.

Some of the things people most desire to have, or to improve on in their life, are in the areas of:

- money

- a loving relationship

- a successful job

- great health

- nice house

- a new car or other material possession

Most people just dream about these things, but never actually obtain them. What people don't realise is that all of these things CAN be theirs, through the infinite power of manifestation. Manifesting one's deepest desires is a science. There are laws that govern the process of materialising 'wishes' seemingly out of nothing. Once these laws are complied with, anyone can make their dreams a reality...

This may seem very unbelievable to some, but in truth, it is very real.

The Law of Abundance: Everything you desire begins in your mind, and it is the mind that brings these thoughts to life.

Your outer state of being is the manifestation of your thought. Therefore, to obtain the things you desire, you have to first set your mind to it. Vital self-empowerment skills will help you mentally transform a thought into a material manifestation. You must learn how to change your expectations in order to change your life. In truth, we live in a Universe of abundance... although most others appear to view it as a Universe of scarcity!

Thoughts such as "others are more talented, more deserving, and more gifted than me", will only hinder you from living abundantly. If you possess these same thoughts, don't worry; there is hope for you! You can learn skills to activate self-actualising power through these Laws to live fruitfully with wealth, financial freedom, and success. Abundance does not mean mere accumulation of material wealth.

Happiness, peace of mind, harmony, optimal health, being in loving relationships, and having a strong sense of your True Self are also part of this universal abundance. This abundance comes into a person's life only when he or she facilitates its free flow from him and through him. There are also other ways to increase abundance in your life. Add time to your day, simplify, or make a difference in the world. For example, volunteer work and meditation are good ways to increase abundance. Be more open-minded and open to new possibilities. Try to only surround yourself with positive influences that resonate and align with you. Take control of your thoughts and start manifesting your desires today!

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