Having Faith in the Universe Even When it Looks Like it Won't Happen in Time

Seeds of doubt.

Real. Raw. Looming.

Doubt is a natural, intuitive, sometimes-inevitable experience of the human psyche.

When we set goals for ourselves and/or visions of the future, oftentimes (well, more often than not, in my experience), a few seeds of doubt creep in and we find ourselves questioning whether or not we really ARE capable of achieving the vision we've set out in front of us.

However, it's a known fact that setting goals is one of the biggest keys to long-term success. Timelines: also imperative.

When speaking in terms of manifesting, setting spiritual goals, and getting all 'woo woo': a timeline on a goal is STILL of upmost importance... but more important than this is digging back the layers behind our desire for the goal, and questioning how true our faith in it really is.

It's important we have a realistic end-goal and timeframe, in order to keep motivation high and procrastination low when working towards our goals and manifestations.

But timelines tend to stress me out, and put unnecessary pressure on - particularly when it's a 'fun', 'manifest-y' goal in conjunction with the universe; one that is meant to bring everything BUT stress.

Anyone else?

I want to dig into the truth behind what having a timeline really means within your goal-setting.

The whole freakin' point.

Having a timeline is a great idea when setting intentions for your manifestations - but just remember - the whole point of this is to believe this is happening for you, REGARDLESS of the timeline.

That's right: timeline or not, this thing is NOT gonna happen for you unless your belief in the thing is unwavering and die-hard-true.

'True' faith is when you plan for something by November 30th, and you wake up on December 1st after it didn't come, still believing it's coming anyway.

Do you think a mere date in the timeline (linear time being a construct that WE, as humans, made up anyway... NOT the universe!) would be enough to become a 'make-or-break' situation in your goal-setting?

The core belief: If it didn't come by November 30th, it just hasn't come YET.

The actionable step: Always find ways to frame things differently.

If you reach the deadline date and you suddenly 'stop' believing and manifesting for the thing, then the straight fact is: you didn't truly believe it was coming in the first place.


But really...

What makes you think the universe will deliver you this goal, if a simple deadline date is all it takes for you to 'give up' and stop believing it can happen?

Manifesting and drawing things to us intentionally is about much MORE than chanting affirmations and journalling 55 sentences a day.

It's MORE, even, than setting a clear deadline and doing everything in our power to make it all happen by this time.

Yes, I said MORE.

What it really is: FAITH. Undying, unconditional, heartfelt, true faith.

Faith in what?

That manifestation WORKS.

You already know this, and so it's time to start acting like it.

Do NOT let a deadline date, a changed circumstance, or a loss of confidence be enough of a reason to pull you off track.

Aren't the universal powers stronger and more deeply embedded in us than that?

Always have unwavering faith in what you're manifesting. The setbacks and complications along the way are there to TEST how much you really want the thing - and this is the precise step that causes so many people to fall behind and create disbelief around their goal!

YOU must put faith in the universe, if you expect the universe to in-turn put faith in YOU.

Show the universe, and yourself, that you DO believe you can have the thing you're manifesting.

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